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The family wealth team is dedicated to provide comprehensive personal/family financial management and planning services for entrepreneurs and other high-net-worth clients. Our service includes family trusts, overseas identity planning, domestic and foreign asset allocation, family wealth inheritance, domestic and foreign companies architecture, etc.

We maintain close cooperation with banks, trust companies, investment companies, third-party wealth institutions, foreign law firms, etc., and we could provide professional, reliable, and personalized one-stop family wealth management services.

We provide the following family wealth management services:
Design, establishment and operation of family trusts and funds.
Immigration and application for Green Card.
Legal service for family wealth inheritance, which includes wills, trusts, insurances and other tools.
Legal service for shareholders’ property risk evaluation and property plan before/after the IPO.
Legal service for domestic and overseas company structure.
Legal service for prenuptial agreement and family property plan.
Provide legal advises and dispute resolutions for domestic, cross-border marriage and inheritance cases.
Design comprehensive wealth management plans and wealth inheritance plans.
Assist in designing and establishment family offices.
Provide legal advises on the automatic exchange of information and Common Reporting Standard (CRS).