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ZhiLin has the experienced real estate & construction attonreys in China. The team members includes former senior judges, senior attorneys who is the legal counsel for major real estate companies, and senior members of the Real Estate Committee under Beijing Lawyers Association.

Our experience and expertise in real property investment, financing and other related fields give us unique advantages in this field of real property law. Our experienced attorneys have provided legal service to many leading companies in the real estate industry, which includes Vanke. Moreover, our attorneys has the extremely strong professional standard in responding torecently released real property laws and policies. Therefore, they could provide unique and valuable legal services in mergers, acquisitions and asset restructuring.

Our real estate & construction team implements strict and scientific management, process-oriented and team-based operation. Each project would require team discussion, joint decision making and specific implementation by designated attorney, which could maximize brainstorming, avoid mistakes and protect our client's right.

Our clients have the various entities,such as investors, holders of land-use rights and construction companies. The attorneys in the real estate & construction team could provide services including but not limited to:
Legal services for national capital construction projects.
Legal services for real estate mergers & acquisitions, including transaction plan design, due diligence investigation, risk analysis, transaction document preparation, negotiation, implementation of the plan, andassistance in delivery; Legal services for investment & financing, including design& implementation of investment and financing programs, design & implementation of equity repurchase programs, and post-investment supervision.
Primary land development business, including legal service for urban villages reconstruction, shantytowns reconstruction, and old cities reconstruction (including services related to land acquisition, demolition, relocation, resettlement and compensation).
Rural collective land business, including legal services for the circulation of non-collective construction land and cooperative development of collective construction land.
Legal services of secondary real estate development.
Legal services for cooperative development and asset reorganization of state-owned construction land.
Litigations inreal estate mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, investment and financing.
Legal services for other areas related to real estate and construction projects, such as debt redemption and tax plan.
Litigations inconstruction survey, construction design and construction contract.
Participate in project bidding and review bidding documents.
Draft and modify general contracts and sub-contracts forconstruction projects.
Draft and modify equipment/material supply and installation contracts.
Draft and modify work contracts and equipment lease contracts for projects.
Participate in reviewing the qualifications of project contractors.
Assist in controlling construction costs and review the payment basis for the increase or decrease of project volume.
Assist in determining final costs and signing settlement agreements.
Assist in project completion check, project acceptance and handle the completion acceptance filing.
Legal support for project's rental, sale and operation.
Legal support for post projectmaintenance and repair.