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We have an experienced team of trial and non-trial attorneys, who provide legal services as a team in an efficient, standardized and professional way. Our clients include companies, NGOs, public institutions, administrative agencies and high-net-worth individuals.

Efficient: ZhiLin Law Firm has a strict time limit internal control mechanism. Our attorneys could provide feedback within 24 hours for general legal consultation and general contract modification. In addition, our attorneys could also provide feedback for general contract drafting within 1-2 working days.

Standardization: After years of accumulation, we have set up a full set of templates for the company’s basic system, specificiation and contract. These templates could ensure the accuracy and standardization of our documents. Furthermore, the standardization could ensure that the contents of our legal documents are comprehensive, detailed, practical, and meet clients requirements.

Professional: We implement a specialized division of labor internally. In general, the daily affairs would be handled by the client’s attorney, and the specialized legal issues would be supported by other senior attorneys in various background to ensure that the legality and accuracy of our legal service resultes.

We provide the following legal counsel services:

Provide feedback on the legal issues for companies, institutions and individuals by phone, email, or WeChat or in a face-to-face manner.
Provide legal opinions, strategies and plans for complicated legal problems.

2.Legal documents
Assist legal department to improve the contract management system.
Draft, modify, and review business contracts and other related legal documents.
Draft, modify and review contracts in foreign languages.

Review the existing labor contracts and related labor rules.
Draft, review and modify labor contracts and related documents.
Legal advice for the modification of labor contracts and labor disputes.

Participate in business and help the client to handle various disputes.
Negotiate with relevant government agencies.

Our training program could provide legal training sessions in order to satisfy the client’s demand.
Host seminars for companies, institutions and individuals to discuss related laws in their fields. Additionally, our training program could provide training on the newly issued laws/regulations for clients.