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ZhiLin has the practical experience in the field of bankruptcy reorganization & corporate liquidation. The expertise of our attonreys could help to resolve the legal issue during the dissolution & liquidation, bankruptcy liquidation and bankruptcy reorganization In recent years, our team has been appointed as the bankruptcy attorney or bankruptcy administrator for many companies, and the attorneys have provided specialized legal support in order to satisfy the client’s demand.

We are dedicated to providing clients with pragmatic and efficient legal services, and our attorney strive to formulate plans that would best protect thecore interests of clients in bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation cases. By cooperating with other attorneys in ZhiLin, we could provide clients with comprehensive legal services in various legal fields, such as banking & finance, capital market, mergers & acquisitions, labor disputes, debt disputes.

We could provide the following services for our clients in the field of bankruptcy:
Apply for compulsory liquidation and bankruptcy on behalf of creditors or debtors.
Legal counsel during the self-liquidation procedure.
Participate in the preparation of dissolution liquidation, bankruptcy liquidation, and bankruptcy reorganization plans.
Participate in the drafting and implementation of bankruptcy plan, reorganization plan, liquidation plans, employees’ resettlement plans, asset disposal plans and credit distribution plans.
Participate in shareholder negotiations & meetings, liquidation group meetings, administrator meetings, creditors’ meetings, etc.
Draft related legal documents.
Participate in derivative litigations relatedto bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation.
Other relevant business.
Legal issues relatedto bankruptcy reorganization, liquidation termination and cancellation.