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ZhiLin has an experienced labor law team. Some of the attorneys in the team used to be the judges and labor dispute arbitrators, who have practiced a large number of labor dispute cases. As a right-hand man for corporate human resource departments, we provide the following services that cover the whole process of human resources management, including recruitment, probation-period assessment, position transferring, reward & punishment, equity incentives, business outsourcing, labor contract termination, layoffs, work injury compensation, and labor disputes.

Draft, review and modify executive search agreements, labor contracts, service contracts, non-competition agreements, service period agreements, and confidentiality agreements.
Draft, review and modify human resources regulations to ensure the regulation compliance with governing law and protect the clients’interests.
Provide legal advice on salary system and performance evaluation system.
Provide labor law training.
Legal service for human resources outsourcing, production outsourcing, and R&D projects outsourcing.
Represent for labor dispute arbitrations, trials, appeals and retrials, and application for compulsory execution.
Negotiation on labor disputes.
Formulate and implement equity incentive schemes.
Assist in handling with employees-related unfair competition disputes or intellectual property disputes related to employees.
Assist in formulating and implementing layoff plans.
Negotiating collective labor contracts on behalf of clients or labor unions.

The labor law team’s research already has achieved fruitful results, and our attorneys would keep researching and studying in the field of labor law.