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Our intellectual property team has more than 50 experienced attorneys, patent agents and trademark agents. Majority of them have the working experience in courts, the Patent Examination and Reexamination Department of the National Intellectual Property Administration, and the Trademark Review Committee. Due to the solid theoretical foundiation and rich practical experience, the team could provide professional, comprehensive and efficient legal services for our clients.

Since its establishment in 2012, the team has focused on the infringement litigation, administrative litigations and non-litigation intellectual property legal service related to patents, trademarks, trade secrets, unfair competition and antitrust. Our team has a high reputation in the intellectual property industry. In recent years, the team has successfully represented numerous well-known domestic and foreign companies, including Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, POSCO, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Midea, SF Express, BOE, NUCTECH , Sihuan Pharmaceutical, Livzon, XySemi, Supor, BYD, and Mindray.

After nearly 10 years of development, ZhiLin’s intellectual property team has won many awards: Zhilin Law Firm has been awarded the title of “Credible Law Firm” by the National Intellectual Property Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and we has been selected into “2018-2019 TOP10 Chinese Intellectual Property Agencies in Administrative Litigation”.


Patent research and monitoring.
Draft and submit patent application documents.
Apply the patents internationally (PCT) and handle relevant application matters in China.
Monitor and notify of annual patent fees.
Legal service for re-examination and invalidation case.
Licensing and technology transfer.
Disputes over patent ownership.
Analyze and recommend countermeasures on patent infringement disputes.
Investigate patent infringement and apply for administrative investigation.
Patent infringement litigation and administrative litigation.
Represent client in the negotiation of patent affairs and draft patent transfer & licensing contracts.
Overall strategic planning and analysis of patent protection.
Legal service for foreign-related patent disputes.

Trademark search and monitoring.
Apply for trademark registration.
Renewal, change, transfer and licensing of registered trademarks.
Trademark review, opposition and cancellation procedures.
Administrative mediation and litigation related to trademark infringement disputes.
Strategic planning and analysis of trademark protection.

Registration for copyright and computer software.
Copyright licensing & transfer.
Legal advice for internet copyright.
Administrative mediation and litigation related to copyright infringement disputes.
Strategic planning and analysis of copyright protection.

4.Domain names
Provide registration services and suggestions for common domain names and country-specific domain names.
Provide TMCH (Global Trademark Database) entrance application.
Provide DPML (Protection Registration) application service.
Provide legal service for new top-level domain application.
Resolve domain name disputes.

5.Other intellectual property rights
Registration, licensing and transfer of layout design of integrated circuits.
Registration, licensing and transfer of new plant varieties.
Customs recordation of intellectual property rights and application of customs protection measures.
Design of trade secrets-related system, civil litigation, criminal litigation, etc.
Administrative proceudre andinfringement litigation related to anti-monopoly.

Our intellectual property protection platform provides domestic and foreign clients with nationwide rights protection services in the following areas:
Film and television works, including films, TV series, sports programs, variety shows and video tutorials.
Software works, including industry software, utility software, operating systems and web design programs.
Picture works, including portrait pictures of celebrities, original commercial picture libraries and pictures with signs/mascots.
Musical works, including original music on the Internet and released albums.
Branded products, including registered trademarks, geographical indications and packaging & decoration of well-known products.
Batch services, including industrial designs, utility models and structural inventions.