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We have a large number of attorneys who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the area of venture investment & private equity. The team has provided comprehensive legal services for various types of investment projects. Furthermore, our fund management team has also helped many domestic companies to acquire venture capital and private equity financing.

Our attorneys are familiar with Chinese laws, regulations and regulatory requirements related to venture capital and private equity. They are fully understand the operations and requirements that are generally acceptable in the venture capital industry and private equity investment practices. Therefore, the venture capital & private equity team could provide comprehensive legal service for investment institutions, sponsors, venture capital, institutional investors and project companies.

When our clients have demands concerning the above-mentioned field, we could provide the following services:
Registration and filing for private equity fund managers.
Fund establishment (including legal opinions on the organizational structure, fund raising, delivery and internal arrangements of funds).
Legal due diligence investigation on the project companies with investment of funds.
Participate in product design, program demonstration & design of programs, and optimize the transaction structure;
Participate in negotiations and drafting, review and modification various transaction documents.
Manage the investment portfolios of various private equity funds.
Provide continuous legal support for funds and their project companies.
Provide professional opinions for exit plans.
Provide legal support for the liquidation, dissolution and distribution of various private equity funds.