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ZhiLin hasexperienced attorneys in the field of criminal defense. The team members graduatefrom well-known law schools in China, such as China University of Political Science and Law and People's Public Security University of China.Due to their working experience in public security, procuratorate and court, they arefamiliar with the procedures of criminal cases, and working habits of procurators and judges.

Our criminal defense service covers the entire process of criminal case, includingprevention of corporate and executives’ criminal risks, criminal reporting, issuing legal opinions on criminal issues, and defense for criminal suspects or defendants.Our criminal defense team implements strict and scientific management, process-oriented and team-based operation. For major and complicated cases, we organize discussions among all the members in criminal defense team. For major controversial legal issues, we invite experts in the field to provide expert opinions. Our attorneys would try their best to protect clients’ right in criminal case.

When our client have the criminal law issue, we could provide the following services:
Provide training of crime prevention and criminal risk prevention for government agencies, enterprises and public organizations.
Defend the parties during theinvestigation stage: meet criminal suspects, learn about the alleged crimes and related cases, provide legal advice for the suspect, bail application/bail review hearing, and application for disapproval of arrest, accusations and appeals.
Defend criminal suspects during the stage of review and prosecution: review and copy relevant litigation documents, investigate and collect relevant evidence, exclude illegal evidence, arrangement and pre-trial conference..
Defend defendants during the of trial: review and copy relevant case materials during the trials; interview and communicate with defendants, investigate and collect evidence, participate in court proceedings, and provide legal opinions and arguments for the defendants.
Appeal: document preparation, petition for appeal, petition for retrial, and provide legal opinions and arguments for the petitioner.
Criminal private prosecution: report the crime in the criminal private prosecution case, represent the client in an incidental civil action.