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Litigation & arbitration is our traditional core business, and we have a group of experienced experts in this field, which includes experienced senior attorneys, former judges and former prosecutors. We have experience to represent clients in Supreme People’s Court, circuit courts, the high people’s courts, the intellectual property courts, the maritime courts, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and local arbitration commissions, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.

Our practice areas include equity & investment, finance & securities, property enforcement, intellectual property, taxation, real estate & construction projects, labor disputes in connection with senior executives, foreign-related litigation and arbitration, trusts, inheritance and marriage disputes of high-net-wealth individuals.

Our litigation & arbitration team implements strict and scientific management, process-oriented and team-based operation. For major or complicated case, we not only provide best attorneys to represent our clients at the court, but also organize a moot court with other attorneys before the trial. In addition, our attorneys are also able to analyze potential legal disputes and provide legal solutions for our clients.

When our clients are involved in disputes concerning this field, we could provide the following services:
Negotiation and settlement.
Issue attorney letters.
Civil and commercial litigation.
Petition for retrial.
Commercial arbitration and foreign-related arbitration.
labor dispute arbitration.
Compulsory enforcement.
Enforcement objection.
Petition for non-enforcement of arbitration award, and Petition for revocation of an arbitration award.
Notarization for enforcement documents.
Application for injunction, property preservation and evidence preservation.
Represent client in administrative hearings, administrative reconsideration, and administrative litigation.
Represent client in patent invalidation, trademark opposition, reconsideration, and revocation procedures.
Application for bankruptcy.
Application for compulsory liquidation of the companies.
Legal analysis and trial strategy for the potential dispute.