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Zhigang ZHANG

Areas of expertise:Private Investment and Funds,Intellectual Property,Real Estate and Construction,Litigation and Arbitration

Work Experience

Zhigang ZHANG has been engaged in legal work since 2003, and successively practiced in the courts and famous law firms in Beijing. ZHANG has served as partner in Beijing Bright Law Firm and Beijing Zhilin Law Firm. ZHANG has great attainments in real estate, marriage and family, company law, intellectual property rights, as well as in civil, economic, commercial arbitration and administrative litigation. With profound legal theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, ZHANG has acted for many companies in negotiations as the chief legal adviser, and also successively served as the legal adviser of many enterprises through professional legal services (such as Glory Properties Limited, Yingjia real estate, China Youth Daily, China Development Press, etc.). ZHANG has successfully represented a number of influential cases with great objects, including corporate disputes, corporate bankruptcy, large real estate disputes, financial bills and securities disputes.

Typical Cases

Administrative litigation cases

- Acting for a company v. a government sector in Henan Province to recover the right to use state owned land free of charge in the process of expropriation compensation.

- Acting for a company v. Henan Provincial Planning Bureau for illegal administrative punishment in the process of expropriation and compensation.

- Acting for a company v. a government sector in Henan Province for illegal demolition.

- Acting for a company v. the administrative omission of Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Social Activities

Member of the Real Estate and Construction Engineering Professional Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association

Expert lawyer of Beijing Public Welfare Legal Service and Research Center

Tutor for Students’ Development at Law School of Zhengzhou University

Educational Background

School of Law, Zhengzhou University, Bachelor of Laws

Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, France, LLM

Working Language

Working Language