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Senior Partner,Lawyer
Areas of expertise:Intellectual Property,Litigation and Arbitration,Investment and Financing,Merge and Acqisition,Private Investment and Funds

Work Experience

With dual degrees in laws and engineering, Di ZENG once worked in Shaanxi Hongrui Law Firm and Beijing Huicheng Law Firm. At present, ZENG is the senior partner of Beijing Zhilin Law Firm.

Di ZENG specializes in the business of intellectual property, commercial causes, and investment, financing and M&A. ZENG has served the leading enterprises like Qualcomm, Alibaba, Tencent, 360, Hanergy, S.F. Express, Midea, Xiaomi, ZTE, those well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Samsung, POSCO, Delta Power, Inventec, Nuctech, Feitian Safe, Fujitsu and Telling Mobile, and scientific research institutions including Tsinghua University, Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beihang University, CSIC711, etc. ZENG has assisted many enterprises to win lawsuits on patent invalidation, patent confirmation litigation, patent infringement litigation and trademark infringement litigation, among which many were rated as typical intellectual property cases. Di ZENG has provided legal investigation and risk control services for a large number of investment projects of listed companies and investment funds. As signing lawyer, ZENG helped several enterprises to get listed in new OTC market. ZENG also participated in the reform of introducing mixed ownership to SOEs, which aimed to refresh the enterprise’s capital and technology. Di ZENG and his team have served more than 30 companies as legal consultant and assisted the company in handling daily affairs such as commercial affairs, labor, equity, investment and financing.

Di ZENG specializes in medical devices, communication, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, education and finance.

Typical Cases

1.Intellectual Property

Samsung patent administrative litigation in China In a series of patent administrative cases between Samsung company and a well-known domestic communication enterprise, Di ZENG acted for Samsung company to maintain its patent validity, which have great influence at home and abroad.

The patent invalidation of POSCO South Korea and the first and second instance of the administrative litigation For four years, Di ZENG acted for POSCO to void all the basic patents of its Japanese competitor. The case was closely watched by domestic iron and steel industry.

Retrial case of “Dongfeng” trademark Di ZENG participated in the case strategy formulation of the first instance (win), second instance (lose) and retrial (win). The case is controversial in the industry, and the Supreme People’s court has made a consistent determination on the trademark infringement of OEM.

Case of intellectual property rights dispute between Qi and a company in Beijing On behalf of the defendant Qi, Di ZENG pleaded that his technical proposal did not constitute the intellectual achievements of his post, and cross-examined all the mails, work records and work contents of Qi during his employment. The court finally supported the defendant's view and rejected the plaintiff’s lawsuit. The case was identified as typical case by judicial system.

2.Litigation and Arbitration

Retrial case of Mindray Medical Di ZENG presented in the retrial hearing in the Supreme People’s Court on behalf of Mindray Medical, insisting on the principle of separate comparison, and finally the Supreme Court revoked the judgment of the second trial.

Infringement litigation case, in which Japanese corporation Tachi-s and its subsidiaries sued their competitors for infringement Di ZENG represented the plaintiff in the first and second instances, the execution, the retrial and the procurator supervision procedures, went through all the possible procedures of infringement, and obtained RMB 2.6 million of compensation for the client.

Series of unfair competition cases in which Taobao, Tmall sued a price comparison tool On behalf of Taobao and Tmall, Di ZENG cited the general principles of anti-unfair competition law and the principle of good faith management to identify new types of unfair competition. The court supported the conduct ban and awarded the defendant a total of RMB 2 million (accumulative total) for compensation.

A contract dispute case of a research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences The plaintiff, a research institute cooperated with an external company to build buildings, which have been completed and put into use for many years, with an estimated value of RMB 600 million. On behalf of the research institute, Di ZENG sued for invalidity of the contract and dismissed the partner.

3.Investment, Financing and M&A

The investment department of a listed company made venture investment in more than ten mobile and page game companies. Di ZENG was responsible for the transaction structure design, due diligence, drafting of legal documents, writing of delivery documents, and liquidation of projects that cannot complete the performance of the bets after two years of investment.

In the mixed operation system reform of a factory affiliated to a state-owned research institute, Di ZENG served as full agent and participated in the project feasibility study report, the approval from State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Office, establishment of the governance structure of the newly established company, and the evaluation of state-owned assets etc.

Di ZENG assisted a medical device Co., Ltd, in adjusting the equity structure of A-round venture capital, joint stock reform, listing and delisting on the new OTC market, B-round venture capital (estimated at RMB 1 billion) and IPO tutoring.

Professional Qualification

Professional qualification of Chinese lawyers/ patent agent/ qualification of independent director/ qualification of fund manager/engineer


“Top 10 Internet Lawyers” in the 7th China Intellectual Property Forum in 2019

Educational Background

Northwest University of Political Science and Law, Juris Master

Beijing University of science and technology, Bachelor of Engineering

Working Language

Chinese, English