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Lawyer,Patent Attorney
Areas of expertise:Intellectual Property,Real Estate and Construction,Criminal Defense,Employment and Labor

Work Experience

Gang Xiong lawyer specializing in intellectual property work, have to deal with too many invalid patents, patent infringement lawsuits, trademark infringement lawsuit, copyright tort litigation of intellectual property cases, provide intellectual property advisory services for other companies, and to undertake the civil and commercial legal services, have to undertake more than labor contract, workers' compensation, partnership agreement, folk lending and other civil and commercial arbitration cases.

Typical Cases

1.Cases of Patent Invalidation

Acting for Qihoo Technology Company in the appearance patent invalidation to apply for invalidation of “graphical user interface for mobile phone” of Shenma Mobile Company, which has been rated as typical case by the Patent Reexamination Board.

2.Cases of Patent Infringement

Acting for the patent infringement mediation case between Shanda Kangcheng Company and Ruihong Biological Company, which was rated as typical case by Beijing knowledge court.

3.A dispute over the ownership of patent

Acting for the case of Patent ownership between Tyron Technology Development (Beijing) Co. LTD. and Tesd (Beijing) Technology Development Co., LTD, which was rated as typical case by Beijing Intellectual Property Court.

Educational Background

Central South University, Bachelor

Working Language

Chinese, English