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  • Patent Drafting and Prosecution

  • Patent Search and Analysis

  • Patent Re-examination and Invalidation;

  • Patent Assignment and Licensing;

  • Patent Infringement Litigation and Administrative Litigation;

  • Patent Ownership Litigation

  • Filing Public Opinion during Patent Prosecution

  • Patent Portfolio Management


  • Trademark Searching and Monitoring

  • Trademark Registration

  • Trademark Renewal, Alternation, Assignment and Licensing

  • Trademark Re-examination, Invalidation and Cancellation

  • Trademark Infringement Litigation and Administrative Raid Action

  • Trademark Administrative Litigation

  • Trademark Protection Strategy

  • Recognition of Well-known Trademarkand Famous Trademark

  • Anti-counterfeit

Other intellectual property rights

  • Copyright recordal

  • Copyright Infringement litigation

  • Integrated circuit layout design registration, licensing, transfer

  • New Plant Varieties          

  • Domain Name Registration and Dispute Resolution

  • Customs Recordal

  • Trade Secrets Litigation

  • Antitrust and Unfair Competition Litigation

  • IP Due Diligence